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Our Origin.  Greenshoots' origins are as an ad-hoc ensemble of musicians from Leicester District Woodcraft Folk (an alternative youth organisation - www.woodcraft.org.uk ) who decided to perform for a fund-raising ceilidh instead of hiring a band.  More than 12 musicians took part playing a wide variety of instruments from melodeon to cello via electric bass guitar and tin whistle.  After doing this for two years, Michael Gerard and some other players decided this was fun and decided to start playing together more frequently - Greenshoots was born. 

Y Theatre in 2003.  (Two photos stitched together!)


"Just Peace" at the Afro-Caribbean Centre  South Wales in 2004

Background drawing on various pages - Rob Eustace


"Hi everyone,

This is an enormous thank you from all of us in Leicester Friends of Bethlehem for the very enjoyable and successful ceilidh on Saturday night.

The music and singing were excellent and the venue easy to use, despite the builders’ rubble in the wrong place.

I do not have contact details for all Greenshoots and Red Leicester members so would appreciate your passing on our heartfelt thanks.

Thank you for all your hard work and organization and your welcome support of our cause.

With all best wishes to you all,

Claire W"  
- April 2013