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   St. Patrick's charity event in Narborough   'Knees up' in Oadby
Barn Dance in South Kilworth    Richard Attenborough Centre  
Birthday party in Humberstone

At a St. Patrick's event in Narborough, we led some dancing.  It was to raise money forSUSTAINABLE GLOBAL GARDENS, providing water pumps in Kenya.


We auctioned this quilt for 55, raising a total of 705.76





'Knees up' in Oadby

Our chance to perform to the older generation!  Christine leads the dances which will rejuvenate all!



Barn Dance at South Kilworth

Another drive to South Kilworth.  A pleasant evening again. We hope our music, and dance led by Christine helped create merriment and ambience for the village BBQ.





At the Richard Attenborough Centre we took part in the Midsummer Music Marathon, with music playing all day!  We played for a one hour slot in the afternoon.  Mike joked that we were Greenshoots Chamber Orchestra - but of course some of us have work commitments!



A Birthday Party in Humberstone

Special thanks go again to our dance caller Christine (right)

Dave (centre) as well as being a fine musician, helps out with a few dances.





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