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Summer 2005

 The Lodge, Market Overton     Beaumanor Hall     Gilbert Murray Hall


The Lodge, Market Overton

In April we provided dance music at a home for mentally handicapped adults.  This was my brother's birthday party.

The band play at Market Overton.

Let the dancing begin!

More action at Market Overton! The residents and guests had a great time.  We did "Strip the Willow" "Ninepins" and others.



Beaumanor Hall

3 photos in the sports centre, Beaumanor Hall.

Dancing at Beaumanor Hall.

Again a very enjoyable time for all.

Thanks to the sound guys for operating their PA system for us, and to the one who took the photographic sequence shown above.


Gilbert Murray hall

A good lively evening for our geneticists from the University.  Dave yet again doing a good job as dance caller.





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