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Early 2006

 Burns Night at the Cow and Plough

 Birthday party at Holy Cross

 Birthday party at South Kilworth

 St Patrick's at Cow and Plough

 WMC, Knighton


Burns Night at the Cow and Plough


A good start to the new year. 

Jan (in blue) surprised us all with a few Scottish folk songs.



Hannah's birthday party at Holy Cross.

Lighting of birthday candles

Friends holding birthday cakes

Birthday cakes
This was a very large and happy get-together for one of our youth members Hannah (seen here holding the white circular cake).  There were other entertainers including Sheila Mosley and Pete Burnham, and Red Leicester Choir


Birthday party at South Kilworth

The interval was great.  Our superb dance caller Christine is offered some cake, and we see a re-enactment of a Napoleonic-type battle, witnessed by Mary and Joseph!


St Patrick's night at the Cow and Plough

Another visit to this fine traditional pub to provide entertainment for customers.
Towards the end we had a sing-along time with Irish classics including "No Nay Never" "Whisky in the Jar" "When Irish Eyes are Smiling".


Working Men's Club

At a working men's club in the Knighton area, we took part in a charity evening.  We had the chance to enjoy Red Leicester Choir.  Congratulations to Jan who belongs in both groups!   John joined in with us on his bagpipes playing Athole Highlanders.




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